Cocktail Party Sample Menu

Charcu Boards:

Assortment of cheeses (vegan nut cheese upon request)

Pesce (optional):
Gravalox, capers, marinated onions

Carne (optional):
Assortment of soft meats, hard cured sausages and pates

Dehydrated chips (vegan) + crackers (GF upon request):
e.g. Cashew kale chips, beetroot chips

Farm Fresh Crudité:
e.g. Asparagus, hericot verts, French breakfast radishes, broccolini, fennel, heirloom tomatoes

Pickled Salad:
e.g. Pickled Kumquats, Roasted Tomatoes & Shallots

Dips + Spreads:
e.g. Grilled peach chutney, chimmichurri, mung bean hummus

Assorted Nuts + Olives + Dried Fruit


Canapés: (choose 3)

  • Garbanzo fritters + mango chutney + avocado stacks
  • Caprese skewers + fresh basil pesto
  • Blue baby potato + gravalox + asparagus + crème fraiche
  • Steak tostada bite + queso fresco + chimichurri
  • Black rye toast + balsamic roasted beets + goat cheese + microgreens
  • Polenta square + olive tapenade + ricotta + honey glaze
  • Asparagus + avocado nori rolls + miso dipping sauce
  • Beef satay + almond dipping sauce
  • Rice crackers + seared tuna + pickled ginger + wasabi cream
  • Roasted tofu lollipops + pistachio pesto



  • Assorted cake bites (GF upon request)
  • Assortment of Fresh Fruit

We support local and organic growing practices and use real ingredients, seasonally. We use 100% reusable and recyclable wooden boards and glassware, as well as biodegradable plam-leaf plates and cutlery.