Dinner Party Sample Menu

Appetizer Cheese Board (small):

Assortment of cheeses + nut cheeses (upon request)

Dehydrated chips (vegan) + Crostini:
e.g. yellow carrot chips; cashew kale chips

Farm Fresh Crudité:
e.g. asparagus; hericot verts; yellow peppers, fennel

Assortment of Fresh Fruit
e.g. grapes, blueberries, blackberries

Dips + Spreads:
e.g. herb avocado; basil chimmichurri, mango chutney

Assorted Nuts + Olives + Dried Fruit


Entrée (family style / plated):

Wild salmon + rhubarb tarragon sauce
Roasted beef tenderloin with pan jus + horseradish cream sauce


Sides (family style / plated):

Pesto haricot verts + fingerling potatoes
Zucchini linguini + caramelized shallot and tomato sauce
French lentils + artichokes + goat cheese + lemon
Massaged kale salad


Dessert (served individually):

Flourless chocolate cake tarts + lavender mascarpone + Raspberry sauce

We support local and organic growing practices and use real ingredients, seasonally. We use 100% reusable and recyclable wooden boards and glassware, as well as biodegradable plam-leaf plates and cutlery.